Spain - Montaña del Mar


We dare to claim: Montaña del Mar is a paradise -
a vacation paradise

The vacation village Montaña del Mar is situated
in a wonderful area of the Spanish Costa Dorada,
relatively close to be reached by car
or comfortably reachable by plane.

You can complement calm and recovery
with number of activities, sports and the rumble
of one of Spain's most popular vacation region.
Whether you come as a single, a couple or with the whole family you'll find in Montaña del Mar
a vacation paradise for all

where is Montaña del Mar?
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the swimming pool and the beach 
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The excellent healthy climate will conquest you.
Not only will the proverbial Spanish sun and
the pleasant dry air turn your stay into an
unforgettable experience. The whole atmosphere
in which you will be immersed in Montaña del Mar
that will make you wish to come back again and
again to spend an unique vacation. If you have not
yet experienced it, now is the right time to come.

You, like most others too, will be back soon


.for 6 € per day

Montaña del Mar / Spanien

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