Boredom prohibited

While on vacation, you  may not only want to rest and sunbathe. Sometimes you may want to socialize, to party and have fun. You will find plenty of entertainment in the vicinity of Montaņa del Mar. There is no nightlife in Montaņa del Mar in order to protect the nightly silence. But Sitges and Vilanova are just a few minutes away. There you can find everything to turn your nights into an exciting experience. Specially in Sitges with its many discos, like Pacha - the first disco in the region and still today the pride one of the world-largest disco chains. But not only this, in Vilanova, Sitges and Vilafranca, there continuously plenty of social-cultural events, concerts and theaters going on. And if you want to try your luck once, you can do it in the casino of Barcelona.




what can one do in Montaņa del Mar?

famous disco in Sitges

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