Culture in the vicinity
of Montaña del Mar

The vicinity of Montaña del Mar has also an incredible cultural choice. Barcelona alone with its 66 museums, the opera house, and its exceptional variety of theatres and life music clubs. Then, there is the historical city of Tarragona with its innumerable monuments and constructions dating from the Roman Empire. That is why even the culture fans will get their full share. Some of the cultural highlights are:

the Sagrada Família
the cathedral and Gothic quarter
Pablo Picasso
Joan Miró
Museum of contemporary art
the museum of wax figures
the opera house
Symphony orchestras
European music party
Theater festival Grec
the wine museum in Vilafranca

List of all museums of Barcelona

This is only a sample of the countless options. Unfortunately, most of the descriptions are not in English, but the pictures will provide you a good general idea


what can one do in Montaña del Mar?