Eat to survive
or eat to enjoy a meal?
no matter what your choice is,
you will get what you want


The Spanish cuisine is very rich. The people eat well. Even in the home of a simple family, the everyday meal will be composed of an appetizer, a main course, and, in most cases, a dessert. This rich meals are reflected in the restaurants. And one thing is sure: you won't remain hungry in Montaņa del Mar. In a circle of about 10 km you will find a large number and variety of restaurants of all price ranges, with Spanish, Catalan and international cuisine. Your taste will be certainly satisfied. While you are in Spain, we recommend you to try the delicious native dishes, including  the extensive selection of fish and seafood. Forget for once what you are used to and venture into this new world of tastes, which will nicely complement your vacation. Our selection shows only a fraction of what is available. Venture out of the beaten path and discover some on your own.



Casa del




Santa Maria



Olerdola (in direction of Vilafranca) country food, mid price range
938 902 001

Canyelles-Sitges Road
large portions, mid price range

938 968 027

Canyelles-Sitges Road
excellent meat (no fish), expensive

938 960 302

Rambla Vilanova
grilled chicken, cheap
938 935 501

Sitges, beach broadwalk, good andabundantly large portions , cheap
938 940 999

boardwalk Vilanova
excellent fish, expensive

938 150 625

boardwalk Vilanova,
good Chinese food, cheap